Here are some answers to some common questions about the Paggle and the Pagglet:


Where does the name "Paggle" come from?

"Etymology: Origin uncertain; probably paggle, variant of paigle n..... intransitive. To bulge, swell out like a bag; to hang loosely.
a1592 R. Greene Frier Bacon (1594) sig. F4 Fortie kine..With strouting duggs that paggle [1630 puggle] to the ground." (Oxford English Dictionary)

Why is the Paggle more expensive than other travel pillows?

The Paggle is proudly produced in the USA with sustainable fabrics, setting it apart from most other travel pillows. Products made in the USA are more expensive due to higher wages, regulated and safe working conditions, federal and state payroll taxes, and compliance with environmental regulations. 

The cost of organic cotton is higher because of the relatively small quantities of cotton produced and because it takes more time to produce. In addition, the harvesting is more labor intensive because it is done without the use of chemicals.

PaggleTravel is committed to transparency of costs and production methods. The Paggle materials are $14.50 and the manufacturing costs are $30.00. The costs are reflective of a multifunctional and sustainable product made in the USA. The Paggle is a well-made product that will last for years.

How does the Paggle multifunctional travel pillow work?

Pack your clothes (socks, underwear) in the Paggle to use as a pillow. Clip the packs together or use with the strap on one shoulder. Use separately or together with the strap as a bag. For more information, see How it Works.

How does the Pagglet Eye Cover work?

Use the Pagglet as an eye cover to comfortably block out light. Stuff with underwear or socks and use it with the Paggle as an accessory pillow or chin support. The Pagglet can also be used as a small bag or clutch purse. For more information, see How it Works.

Does the Paggle come in different colors?

We intend to produce the Paggle in a variety of colors but have started with only black for our first run.

If I’m unhappy with the Paggle, can I return it?

Yes! We want you to LOVE the Paggle but we understand that it is not perfect for everyone. If your return an order purchased from this site within 30 days, we will refund your money.

Can my child use the Paggle?

The Paggle is a product that is designed for adults and is not recommended for use as a pillow for children 16 and under.

How do I wash the Paggle?

Machine wash in cold and hang dry.

How are the Paggle and Pagglet "sustainable."

Unlike most travel pillows which are made of synthetic fabrics and contain foam or microbeads, the Paggle is made of 90% natural materials. (The buckles and zippers are made of plastic but can be recycled or reused). The outside fabric is a plush soft-combed organic cotton, the middle layer is a cushiony cotton batting, and the inside lining is an organic cotton. 

Growing methods for organic cotton have less environmental impact than conventional cotton growing methods with the emphasis on maintaining soil fertility and a biologically diverse agriculture. The main benefit is that the crops are not treated with herbicides which are harmful to the environment and to the workers. In addition, the seeds that produce organic cotton are natural and are not genetically modified (GMO).

Recycled paper, rather than plastic, is used to wrap each Paggle and Pagglet

How are the Paggle and Pagglet "ethically-made?"

The award-winning factory is nestled at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina. The unemployment rate is very low in Asheville and workers have the choice of multiple employment settings within the apparel industry in the area. Several of the highly-skilled employees have worked there for many years. The factory recycles everything that can be recycled and is in the process of eliminating as much single use plastic as possible. They also are committed to cutting fabric so that there is minimal waste.

Is the Paggle patented?

The Paggle is patent-pending.