PaggleTravel was founded with the mission to make multifunctional, sustainable, and comfortable travel gear and clothing for the active traveler. Ideas for our projects are inspired by the frustrations of modern-day travel. If you are here, you probably agree that travel is essential, mind-opening, stimulating…and almost always slightly stressful and uncomfortable. We started with a simple question: Is is possible to minimize some of these travel challenges with elegantly-designed travel accessories?

We set out to answer the question with our first product, the Paggle travel pillow. Dozens of fabrics and shapes were investigated in prototyping. With each consecutive prototype and user feedback, we learned valuable insights on how to better craft a comfortable travel pillow that could also hold your valuables and soft goods. As a bonus, we discovered how to make it a carrying pack. After months of research and development and testing on active travelers, the Paggle Packable travel pillow was born followed by the multifunctional Pagglet eye cover.

We are proud of both of our initial products and are pleased to share them with a community of active and eco-minded adventurers like ourselves. Thank you for visiting and Paggle on!


About Us

Amory Cable, Founder 

Amory has enjoyed living, traveling, and working in multiple countries. She now loves exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband and dog. She finds the entrepreneurial journey almost as much fun as traveling. There is always something unexpected and interesting around the next corner! Her favorite thing to do while traveling is exploring a new city at sunrise on a morning jog with her husband.  





Eileen Ewing, Graphic Designer

Eileen is a designer based in the Pacific Northwest. Her international upbringing and travels inspire her work.

When she travels, she loves to roam around and explore new parts of whatever new city she is in. She travels on her stomach and is always looking for the next great meal!