Travel Pillow Redesigned

Pack, Nap, Go!

The Paggle Travel Pillow brings more joy to your adventure by working at all stages of your trip: extra room for your carryon items, extra comfort for your journey, and extra freedom to explore handsfree.

The Paggle is sewn in the USA of sustainable fibers. 





As a mom who often travels alone with two children, I appreciate a piece of travel gear that knows how to multitask. The Paggle makes my life-on-the-go more convenient and more comfortable whether I’m going to the farmers’ market down the street or facing a 24-hour trip to Taiwan.

Natasha, Washington, DC

I was amazed at how much stuff I could pack in the Paggle, and I purposely put some hard objects (such as stick deodorant and sunglasses in their rigid case) inside to see if I would notice them when using it as a pillow, and I absolutely could not feel them at all (I had put softer things like scarves around as padding, which worked like a charm). My number one favorite aspect of the Paggle was the super soft fabric.

Cathy, France

The thing I like best about the Paggle as a plane pillow is that it’s so natural I hardly notice it.  Most pillows and supports I’ve used feel like encumbrances that I’m always aware of and shifting around, but the Paggle almost makes me forget I’m sitting upright on a plane." 

Tom, Austin, TX